Matthew Epperly

Matthew Epperly                                                                                 

Give description of background and brief summary of yourself.

Serving in the United States Marine Corps has set such a positive foundation to help create my own success, in which I am forever grateful. After five years of self development in the Military, I have dedicated my time and abilities to grow my management skills at Lowe's throughout the past twelve years. To improve my efficiencies and expand my knowledge throughout my career, I have participated in Advanced Training's such as conflict resolution, creative thinking, and communication essentials. To continue harnessing my passion for learning and achieving more, I obtained an Associate of Business Administration and have established my very own inspection operation. In my spare time I finally seized the opportunity to coach as a Bearcat Alumni. Lastly, the most challenging and rewarding skillset that I have learned and continue to gain experience from is being a husband and father.

What do you see as the strengths and weaknesses of the Northeast Randolph Co. R-IV School District?

The Cairo community has a reputation of having the best learning institute and athletic programs for surrounding families. In an effort to taking that a step further, I believe introducing innovation while holding true to tradition is essential for the betterment of this Village. Whether it's integrating "life-skills" and development courses in school, creating more "youth positive" projects after hours, or expanding our sports programs to bring us to the next level. I would look forward to working together to enhance our way of life and learning here in this great district. 

What do you feel is your role as a board member?

As a representative, I would work tirelessly to carry out nothing less than exceptional service. The success of the school district is the bread and butter of this Village, and what better way to give back than to carry out important functions necessary for purpose and elevation.

What jobs, experiences, or talents will you bring to the board?

The Military has taught me that teamwork and development is a core mission. Climbing the ladder at Lowe's has taught me that hard work and consistency is proven to create better outcomes for both parties. Additionally, my experiences as a college student, husband, father, coach, and business owner has shown me what small town graduates are capable of. I couldn't be more proud of this community and I am so excited to see even more dedication, motivation, and empowerment in it.

What is your vision of the Northeast Randolph Co. for the next five to ten years?

As stated in an earlier response, just a few ideas are to focus on creating more youth programs for after school, upgrading our sports department, and making sure our kids have access to necessary "life skills" classes so they are better prepared when they leave us. Establishing more creative and generous fundraisers would help in achieving these goals. Together, the possibilites are truly endless for inclusiveness and enhancement.

What prompted you to run for election to the Board of Education?

I jumped at the opportunity to sign up because I want to continue having the best for our students. Being able to serve and give back to my community is something I know I can successfully contribute to. Joining a School Board that promotes unity, integrity, and diversity assures confidence in favorable results. I have an amazing support system at home and I want to be an incredible support system for this great District.

Specify why you feel qualified to represent the Northeast Randolph Co. community on the Board of Education.

After graduating in 2004, I have traveled to many places. After purchasing our forever home directly across from the school, I realized that being apart of everything this community offered, is what I needed to be doing. Devoting my time and resources is the least I can do to support what this community stands for. This is more than a Board of Education position, this is our future and I'm here to help.