1.    Italian Pizza

2.    Tuna Salad Sandwich

3.    Chicken Caesar Salad


CROSSWALK DUTY:     Caroline Ellison / Koy Ryan



There are order forms for Conference/District Champ Basketball Shirts in the main office.  Shirts are $12.  If you would like to order, pick up a form and then bring it back along with the money by Friday, March 19 to the main office. 


There is no Moberly Vo-tech on Thursday or Friday this week.  Students are to stay in their 3rd block class until it is over and then sign out.


Freshmen need to meet in Ms. Ferguson's room during homeroom on Monday, March 22nd to get fundraising materials. Be prompt.


4th quarter begins on Monday & we will be making a few changes to our lunch room assignments.  On Monday, all 7th & 8th graders need to sit in the elementary gym bleachers & await instructions.  All 6th grade students (girls/boys) may go through the lunch line if needed without waiting & then report to the following locations- boys to Mrs. Wehar's room & girls to Mrs. Bond's room.  At noon on Monday, all sophomores, juniors & seniors need to have a seat in the elementary gym & await instructions.  Freshmen will be split into 3 groups & will eat in Mrs. Wortmann, Mrs. Kirkendoll & Ms. Vestal's rooms.  Students in those rooms will be posted in the hallway on Friday & early next week.  Vo-tech students will still eat lunch in Mrs. Kirkendoll's room.


The Gatekeeper Schedule for spring baseball is on the refrigerator in the staff room.  $30 per night game & $50 for Saturday games.   


Baseball players- stirrups are available in the office to buy if you need them. $10 for a pair. 


Ms. Weber's brain teaser for the past couple of weeks was:

There are three playing cards in a row.  There is a heart to the left of a diamond.  There is a five to the right of a jack.  There is a club to the left of a diamond.  There is a queen to the left of a club.  Which card is in the middle position?

Congratulations to Saige Niemeier with the correct answer of.......Jack of Clubs.

Saige, please see Ms. Weber for your prize!